Swiss Alpine Music

The alpine horn in new art music


Independently of the alphorn's promotion by the Yodeling Association, the old herdsmen's tool has also become a solo instrument in art music since the 1970s.

In contrast to the few 19th century compositions for the alphorn in art music, a new era began in 1972 with Jean Daetwyler's Concerto pour cor des alpes et orchestre. This composition was first perf.mp3ed for the opening of the Swiss Tourist Office in Paris in the Paris Operahouse Palais Garnier by the alphorn player Joszef Molnar.

Molnar, a professional horn player simply transferred his technique to the alphorn.

Most of the Swiss compositions for the artistic alphorn were written for this virtuoso. Jean Daetwyler contributed eight compositions, among which the mentioned concerto pour cor des alpes et orchestre is the most important one.

This new alphorn-movement led in Switzerland alone to more than fifty compositions for the alphorn with the accompaniment of a symphony orchestra, wind ensemble, organ, piano and even harp.

New Art Music

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