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The alphorn goes pop


There is a young woman among the most famous Swiss alphorn players: Eliana Burki. The daughter of a physician at Feldbrunnen (Canton Solothurn) wanted to take alphorn lessons when she was six years old. She was lucky with her teacher, Hans-Jörg Sommer, one of the most talented traditional blowers.
But Eliana, who ch.mp3ed her public as a child in national costume with a tiny alphorn, as an adult wears jeans instead of traditional dress and plays funk, blues, soul and rock on the alphorn. No wonder that her "Alphorn der anderen Art" (a different kind of alphorn) is in demand as far away as Singapore.

Recently the alphorn player Kurt Ott started to accompany pop songs with the alpine horn. In order to get all the natural sounds in tune he replaces the famous alphorn-fa, the eleventh tone on the natural h.mp3onic row which is a sound between f and f sharp, by an f from the computer.

Eliana Burki

Kurt Ott

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